Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module 4:  Pranayama


  • Monthly Asana Practice
  • Monthly Pranayama Practice
  • Readings on Pranayama
  • 3 Assigned Written Papers on Pranayama, Meditation, and Chanting
  • Experiential Anatomy

Pranayama is the yogic art and science of breathing.  It is the practice of refining the life force (prana) which animates the material universe.  Through the various pranayamas, this vital energy is directed towards the process of purifying and transforming the mind, body, and spirit of the practitioner. Prana means “life force”; ayama, “to control or direct.” By using the breath sensitively, we become attuned to moving the prana through our bodies.  Through time we learn to move this prana skillfully which helps us evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours: 

This module may be completed for continuing education in conjunction with the Yoga Alliance.

YACEP33 Contact Hours

24 Non-Contact Hours

Student Comment from the Pranayama Module:

“The biggest thing I learned, aside from techniques, is the observation of impermanence. I know it, but learned it in a deeper way…from sitting so long and observing the breath, and meditating, and going through so much with everyone–everyone having a personal experience simultaneously.  The teaching was great and the caring wonderful, and being able to truly be myself in a loving environment the best. I am so grateful for it all.“

Namaste, Susan