200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Dear Students,

We are delighted to welcome you to Karuna’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. It promises to be a thorough and transformational experience. This program is in compliance with the standards of the nationally recognized Yoga Alliance.

We welcome students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of the art and science of yoga, integrate the philosophy into their daily life, and gain self-understanding.

Established in 1997, this program is rigorous and designed to meet the needs of students who envision teaching and those who already teach yoga. Dedicated students and teachers work together—creating an inspired and inclusive learning community. The program offers studies with highly qualified, passionate teachers, as well as a complete curriculum encompassing over 200 hours of training.

Throughout the year, we will cover the basic, progressive, and integrated study of asana, pranayama, anatomy, yoga philosophy, and teaching for different ages and different needs.  This program may qualify for course credit as a practicum or independent study at your college or university; please consult your academic advisor for details.

Work trade opportunities in exchange for classes and training costs are available for students who are interested in participating in Karuna’s teacher training programs. For more information, contact manager@karunayoga.com.

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  • Asana, Sequencing, and Linking
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Yoga Philosophy, History, and Ethics
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Assisting and Adjusting Verbally and Physically
  • Development of Personal Practice
  • Development of Teaching Outside of the Studio
  • Use of Props
  • Opportunities to Practice Teaching in Real-class Situations

You will Learn to:

  • Communicate your knowledge effectively
  • Give clear instructions
  • Give directions in correct order
  • Increase your awareness through observation
  • Assess yourself as a teacher
  • Examine teaching ethics and the business of yoga
  • Teach yoga for pregnancy, menstruation, and for people of different ages and different needs
  • Integrate yoga philosophy into your daily life