Welcoming the Karuna Community

Posted January 17th, 2012 by Karuna under Chants.

Welcome to Karuna’s blog page! Our intention is that this blog will become
a forum for the larger Karuna community to share their thoughts, inspiration, and
philosophical insights. We are excited to have this new tool to reach beyond the studio

May the information that shapes our ever evolving practice integrate into every aspect of our waking life. Our hope is that the blog can be an opportunity for everyone to swim in the ocean together towards the light.

The content of this blog includes:

  • Student and teacher writings
  • Yoga Philosophy Discussions
  • Resources for the enrichment of practice
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Events and Class Information
  • Healthy healing vegetarian recipes

20-Minute Continuous OM by dharana

This OM was a recording from the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. The Students are chanting on the contemplation of OM from Sutra: 1.27 & 1.28. Sutra 1.27: tasya vacakah pranavah. Iswara is presented by the sacred syllable aum. Sutra 1.28: Tajjapah tadarthabhavanam. This mantra is to be repeated constantly with feeling, realizing its full significance, and holding the meaning in your heart as you chant.

As we begin our Asana practice by chanting the sacred syllable OM, we invite you to chant along with us.


Eileen Muir

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