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Appreciating Our Teachers: Susan Yard Harris

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Susan teaches the Wise Yoga, a class specially designed for practitioners age 50 and up on Mondays from 4-5pmĀ  at Karuna. Recently she filled in for one of Eileen’s classes and many students got to experience her teaching for the first time. Chris Hamil, a fellow teacher at Karuna was moved to write this response to her teaching

Class with Susan was absolutely therapeutic. She was deliberate, gentle, caring, and most of all honest. Her sequence brought me into a passive ease that was filled with clarity and aliveness. I felt like the work we were doing was both accessible and deep. What really stuck with me was how Susan brought her whole being into her teaching, so that not only did I know where she was coming from and how much integrity she had, but also I felt profoundly resonant. She is a fantastic teacher who can only grow from the seeds she plants.

Thank you Susan!