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Fire Cider Recipe

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Eileen’s favorite remedy, that she serves in her grandmother’s sherry glasses, part of her enjoyment is watching the blood rise to drinkers’ face and listening to their oo’s and ahh’s as they swallow it!

1 quart Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 cup Horseradish root grated
1/8 cup of Garlic chopped
1/2 cup of Onion chopped
1/2 cup of Ginger grated
1 tsp Cayenne
1 whole Lemon
1 tsp. Turmeric


1. Place all ingredients in a quart jar and  cover with Apple Cider Vinegar.
2. Cover tightly.
3. Steep for 8 weeks.
4. Strain into clean jar, or, if you like, enjoy unstrained. (more…)