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A Letter From a Student

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Dear Karuna,

Two years I was read the riot act from my doctor when I went for my annual check-up. Body was creaky, blood pressure, which had always been high normal since my early 20’s, was now high (150/105), my cholesterol numbers were not good but not terrible, and I was about 40 pounds overweight. After promising the doctor to be better, I spent a year getting worse, putting on another 10 pounds or so, and starting to look and feel like my elderly father.  Around 4 months ago on my birthday I made a resolution to eat moderately better and start pranayama, restorative and gentle yoga classes 2X weekly at Karuna on advice of a friend who is also a student at Karuna. A couple of weeks ago I went back to the doctor feeling better than I had felt in years. And the reports were amazing. My weight is down by 25 pounds and my cholesterol numbers are normal (simple dietary changes has a lot to do with this), but the other improvements are definitely the yoga. Amazingly, in just 4 months I have reclaimed a quarter inch back on my height (I still have another quarter inch to go), and most exciting, my blood pressure is spot-on normal by statistic (120/80, and that was on a high stress morning), and personally better than it has been since my teen years when I was super athlete.  Most important for me, I feel at least a decade younger, and I have really only just started. Can’t wait to see how things are after a year.

Chris Marano

Chris is the founder of Clearpath Herbals: