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Dear Eileen,

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

The recently graduated 200 hour Teacher Training class would like to express our warmest and sincerest gratitude to you for creating such a transformative program. Last weekend was a profound celebration of the growth that we have all done over the past year together. Having this time come to an end was bitter sweet but, within the undertones of sadness we all shared, there was a sense of wholeness in our hearts. The night before our graduation ceremony many of us went out to dinner together. At one point we went around the table and shared one thing each of us had gained from the training. Here are some of the things we developed through this training that cannot be measured by hours spent on study or exams passed:

  • Faith in pursuing our dreams
  • Direction in life
  • A better understanding of  physical, emotional,  and spiritual pain, and the tools to cope with and have a healthier relationship with our pain.
  • Open hearts
  • Community
  • Spirituality
  • A better understanding of how to care for each other
  • and a new Yoga mat…

Thank you Eileen. You are, in the highest sense, our teacher and we love you.


-the 200hr/TT Class of 2012