Pranayama Reflection

Posted August 30th, 2013 by Erin under pranayama, Student Writings.

Sometimes from the depths of my body a great wind comes and lifts my breath with ease, and every cell begins to multiply and hum and I feel as if bloated by the divine that hides within. And just like when you’ve eaten too much, any exacerbated movement throws the whole plot into the compost. It can be such an effortless experience as fragile as the waterford crystal my grandmother collects.
My practice has become like this: my grandmother asks me to dust and clean her precious crystal wares, and so with great love and appreciation I spend the rest of my life completing this task to ensure that I learn to use the right amount of care. Now the challenge has become – with so much work ahead of me, where do I start? I can become so easily overwhelmed, throwing caution to the wind. However, the more I pass through this, the more clear the veil appears. And in due time, thanks to my grandmother’s love, this veil becomes the cloth I use to dry my finished work.
By Chris Hamel

Chris Hamel is a much loved frequent contributor of poetry and prose to the Karuna blog. He is also a great teacher, student and friend within the Karuna community. Hopeful we will continue to hear more of his insights into practice as he embarks on his next journey this fall. Stay tuned!

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