I React..

Posted August 9th, 2013 by Erin under Poems, Student Writings.

By Kathi Burke
Here I Am
Alone in the World
An Enigma of Thoughts, Feelings, Elations, Depressions,
Promises, Cravings, Judgments, Reactions.
I Grow, I Strain, I Direct my own Fate, I Love,
I Study, I Learn, I Work, I React…
I Seek…Something Big, Something Sure, Something Connected,
Something Wise, Something Great, Something Beautiful,
Something Changeless, Something Pure, Something Aware,
Something Reaction-less.
I Attend Class… I fear, I love, I react, I flee, I return, I strive, I
hurt, I love, I need, I crave, I react. I learn to return, to practice,
to avoid judgment, to honor the wisdom which emerges at times,
within, or without, or sometimes doesn’t. I react.
One day, a new consciousness arrives, however briefly; she
throbs with light and stillness in silence. This consciousness of
the One, my soul body, causes my yoga body to bleed tears of joy
and awe. I react.
I return to class…chasing the illusory she-flame of light and
beauty and love. I fear, I love, I react, I flea, I strive, I hurt, I love,
I need, I crave, I react, even though I don’t want to.
I continue, all the while hoping that the grip of wanting will relax,
knowing that my effort is in the being, not in the gripping, in full
knowledge that in faithfully restraining attachments to results,
my soul body is certain to return in all her glory, as effort relaxes
into the potential that brings effortlessness and reveals the glory
of HER acceptance of the NOW.

Kathi Burke is a current student in Karuna’s 200hr Teacher Training Program

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