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Saturday, February 15th, 2014
a poem by erin feldman
Bob Marley sang, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery/none but ourselves
can free our minds”. This here is another song of freedom:
we’re gathering breaths.
we all lookin’ for redemption:
won’t you help me?
it’s an endless
[now]. [now.] [now.]
there you go. [now.]
train your heart [now] to feel [now] in it’s natural [now] habitat [now]
a different [now] than the one before [now]
now. now.
teach your mind [now] to chant [now] the mantra [now] of breath [now]
breathe [now] breathe [now]
surrender [now]
The anxious doer [now] chief denizen [now] of the mind [now]
gazes out [now] of these eyes [now] and sees [now]
obstacles [now] threats [now] side trails [now] veils [now]
ignorance is [now] confusing the self [now]
with the cargo [now] in your mind [now]
surrender [now]
the only suffering [now] we can do anything [now] about [now]
is the suffering [now] which has yet to come [now]
be [now] the seer [now] be [now] the seer [now]
breathe [now] breathe [now] breathe [now] breathe [now] breathe [now]
feel the breath [now] in your nose [now] emancipation [now] in your heart [now]
be the love [now] you ask for [now] breathe [now] breathe [now]
between each [now] hear the birds [now] the cars [now] the beats [now] of your heart [now]
the trail [now] of your thoughts [now]
the blocks [now] you have to [now] but don’t want [now] to fight [now]
and later [now] a cold rain [now] a hot meal [now] Ommmmm
surrender [now]

erin feldman is a recent graduate from Karuna’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program. She wrote this poem for the training commencement, it was modeled on Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie’s “Bean Meditation”

Partner Yoga Workshop

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Sutra 111.35: hrdaye cittasamvit

B.K.S. Translation:  “By samyama on the region of the heart, the yogi acquires a thorough knowledge of the contents and tendencies of consciousness.”

Karuna Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training student Anna Hansen and her daughter Heidi practicing partner yoga

This Sunday, February 16th at Karuna come join Eileen Muir as she guides you through a series of partner assists that will strengthen and open your standing poses, backbends, twists and forward bends. You can come with a good friend, a partner, a daughter, son, or anyone special! If you do not have a partner we will find you one.

Sun. Feb. 16, 2014
1- 4 pm