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To This May

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

To This May

They know so much more now about
the heart we are told but the world
still seems to come one at a time
one day one year one season and here
it is spring once more with its birds
nesting in the holes in the walls
its morning finding the first time
its light pretending not to move
always beginning as it goes

W.S. Merwin

Rummaging For Solutions…

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Rummaging For Solutions to the Disharmony Created by the Real Situation That Peace and Silence Are the Goal for Yoginis While Simultaneously Being the Enemy of the People (Sung to the Tune of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence)

By erin feldman

Hello Patriarchy, my old friend

you bring to light my rage again

because your pervasive misogyny

left its seeds with monotony

and the colony that was planted in my brain

attempts to tame

my quest for silence


In a man’s world there’s undertow

stirring up an oppression risotto

‘neath the crashing waves of he and his

punctuated by hollow excuses

when my heart was shocked by

the flash of pure awareness

<Now> is peerless

and fuels my quest for silence


And in this naked light I saw

Patriarchy’s stranglehold withdraw

people practicing sthira without gripping

people efforting without clinging

people discovering their own truth in this outdated poetry

another growth opportunity

in the grand quest for silence.


Fool, said I, to stupidity and fear

my quest you’ll never commandeer

freedom comes from “eradicating separateness”

and realizing that we’re dreaming is the bedrock of bliss

but my words ping off patriarchy’s perverted story

and echo

grotesquely in our halls of silence.


While all the people bow and pray

with asana and pranayama cavalcades

with chant and verse we all awake

to our divine feminine spinal snake

because the time is NOW—“in complete obedience

to nature there is no effort”

necessary to quest for silence.

erin feldman is currently a student in Karuna’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program.