Supporting Teachers

Supporting teachers have been chosen for their dedication and passion for their subject.

Paul Menard
(Yoga Instructor/Experiential Anatomy)

Paul Menard began studying yoga in 2002 and has maintained a passionate practice ever since. His background in classical dance gives him profound appreciation for the intricacy of the form that yoga affords. His elegance and grace shines though his postures and the execution of his teaching. Paul’s pursuit of a more spiritual practice led him to Karuna, where he feels blessed to have found such an open and welcoming community. In addition to yoga, Paul has a fervor for education. He completed his master’s degree in Adult Education and Training in early 2011 to complement his career as a workplace learning and development professional. He has completed the 300-hour advanced yoga teacher certification program at Karuna and is seeking other professional credentials as an educator. Paul is excited to connect his love of education and passion for yoga at Karuna.

Eileen Daneri  (Yoga Instructor)

Eileen is 500-RYT, having received her yoga training at Karuna with Eileen Muir as her master teacher. She is an active member of her yoga and meditation community. Eileen offers classes filled with compassion and kindness to strengthen the body, mind and spirit.   She is clear, challenging, insightful and motivating, and helps students create greater awareness and joy in their own lives.


Mark Hart (Insight Meditation)

Mark Hart - Insight MeditationMark Hart has practiced Insight Meditation since 1981, studying primarily at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. Since 2000 he has also studied with teachers of non-dual awareness, including Adyashanti, and has incorporated that into his teaching. He is guiding teacher of the Bodhisara Dharma Community in Amherst, Massachusetts, on the teacher’s council at Insight Pioneer Valley in Easthampton, and is the adjunct religious advisor to Buddhist students at Amherst College. Mark holds a PhD in theology and an MA in counseling and has a private practice of psychotherapy in Amherst.


Paul Sherbow (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Yoga Philosophy)

Paul Sherbow - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Paul H. Sherbow was senior Sanskrit editor for Bhaktivedanta Book Trust during the 1970s. He studied Sanskrit at several universities and with monastics and scholars from India. Currently, he is senior researcher at the International Secretariat of the World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP), a global, multi-religious organization. He also teaches Hinduism at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University. His papers and articles have been included in scholarly publications from Oxford and Columbia Universities, the Journal of Vaisnava Studies, and Nama-Rupa Journal.