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Class Levels

Level 1: For beginners to learn the fundamentals of yoga practice.

Level 2: For students with some Level 1 experience who have an interest in refining the fundamentals and deepening their practice. Sirsasana (headstand) and sarvangasana (shoulder stand), backbends, and introductory pranayama are taught.

Level 3:
Solid knowledge of Level 2 postures. Regular practice of inversions and backbends. Students should be able to hold sirasasana headstand and sarvangasana shoulder stand for five minutes. Pranayama is also taught. People are expected to be developing their own practice.

All Levels:
Open to all students regardless of experience.

Karma Yoga:  Karma Sessions are $5 yoga classes that help make yoga more affordable. All proceeds of these Karma sessions will go toward Karuna outreach programs and scholarships.

Private Therapeutic Sessions:

At Karuna we also offer private yoga lessons, private yoga therapeutics and shiatsu. Please call for further information, or to set up an appointment. (413) 584-5054

Other Class Offerings and Events:

In addition to yoga, we offer meditation, satsang and bhajan (devotional singing), Buddhist and Vedantic studies, film, dance and poetry. All of Karuna’s offerings promote healing, growth, well-being, and emotional, physical, and spiritual integration. Members of the local community are welcome to contact us about showing their work at the center.