Yoga Class, Karuna Yoga, Northampton, MA

Daily Class Schedule

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Class cards may be used to pay for yoga classes, but not Tai Chi classes.

Toxic scent-free environment: Many people at Karuna have a sensitivity to perfumes and scented products, and some are allergic to the chemicals in these products which can set off a severe reaction. We would like to make the space welcoming to everyone and invite you to refrain from using unnaturally scented products and essential oils while practicing at Karuna.

List of Class Substitutions and Cancellations 

***All Substitutions and Cancellations are in Blue***

4-5 pm
Wise Yoga – 50 and up* Susan Yard Harris
5:30-7 pm Form and Formless – Yoga with Assists – All Levels*


Jamie Tancredi
5:30-7:30pm Yoga Levels 1, 2, & 3*

*Eileen Daneri subs on June 13th*

*Jamie Tancredi subs on June 20th*

Eileen Muir
7:45 Kirtan. Free. Donations accepted. Shubalananda
10-11:30 am Yoga Level 1 & 2* Paul Menard
4-5 pm Yoga Level 1&2

*Last Class on June 14th until end of summer*

Rebeca Allessi
5:30-7 pm
Yoga Level 1 and Specific Needs* Jo Schneiderman
7:15-8:15 pm T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Beginners Wolfe Lowenthal
8:15-9:15 pm T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Advanced Wolfe Lowenthal
12-1 pm
Energizer Yoga – All Levels* Colette Garrigues
5:05-5:25 pm
Yoga Sutra Study Group (free) Eileen Muir
5:30-7:30 pm
Yoga Levels 3 & 4*
Students need permission to attend this advanced class.

*Paul Menard subs June 15th*

Eileen Muir
9-10:30 am Pranayama/Gentle Yoga – All Levels*

*Paul Menard subs June 16th*

Eileen Muir
 3:45-5 pm  Intro to Yoga 8-Week Course
(subscription only – click here for more info)
 Paul Menard
5:30-7 pm Restorative Yoga – All Levels* Rebeca Allessi

9-9:45 am Meditation: Free – Starts at 9:15 and doors lock – must be on time. On 1st Saturday of each month there is 20 minutes of chanting “OM” instead of silent meditation. Facilitator varies

Yoga Levels 1, 2, & 3*

*Chris Hamel subs June 17th*

Eileen Muir
Yoga Levels 1 & 2* Paul Menard
Gentle Yoga- All Levels* Darrin
Vander Plas
Northampton Insight Meditation Community Group Sit. 
Free. Donations accepted.

Asterisk* Indicates appropriate class card may be used

1 hour class cards can only be used for 1 hour classes
1 ½ hour class cards can only be used for 1 ½ hour classes
2 hour class cards can only be used for 2 hour classes
Unlimited Class Cards may be used for any class
Class Cards are non-transferable, non-refundable, and must be used by expiration date
Special workshops may interrupt the class schedule occasionally.  We will give advanced notice.
Please arrive 15 minutes early for class
Observe quietness inside of the studio