8-Week Course – Introduction to Vedic Chanting

with Terry Coe

$35 for 8-week course

Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 pm in the Upstairs Studio

Oct. 11- Dec. 6      Note:  No class on Nov. 22 due to Thanksgiving holiday


Chanting mantras in Sanskrit as part of a yoga practice has a profound effect on body and mind. Regular chanting of Vedic mantras provides stimulation at the physical level through the use of the vocal apparatus, at the mental level through the exercise of memory and attention, at the energy level through the control of prāṇa (breath), and at the spiritual level by opening the heart in devotion. To enjoy the full benefit, however, the Sanskrit words should be pronounced properly and their meaning should be clearly understood. This course is designed to offer a relaxed and accessible approach to the pronunciation and intonation of Sanskrit in common Vedic mantras, and to explain their deeper meaning.

Just as each pose in yoga has its own distinct form based upon the anatomy of the human body, Sanskrit, the language of yoga, has a highly ordered phonetic structure for each of its sounds,  based upon the human vocal apparatus. This class will use the tradition of call-and-response, which reinforces proper pronunciation while increasing participants’ confidence through group response. Previous exposure to Sanskrit and ability to read the Devanāgari script is not necessary, since all texts will be transliterated.

First, we will study the logical and clearly structured sound system of the Sanskrit alphabet, using familiar words as examples. Once the basic sounds are familiar, we will learn short Vedic mantras that can be incorporated into a chanting and/or meditation practice. We will then gradually learn longer popular mantras/prayers for group or individual chanting. Instruction will cover the pronunciation, intonation, and meaning of each mantra. Handouts will be provided with details on all of these aspects.

Register online here, over the phone (413-584-5054), or at the studio.  Cash, check, and credit/debit accepted.