Karuna 500-Hour Five Element Shiatsu Program with Eileen Muir, Director

Beginning November 2015

We are excited to announce the commencement of our 5-Element Shiatsu Program on November 20th of 2015!  This is a 500-hour AOBTA and DOE approved program. Karuna is the only school in the state of Massachusetts teaching a full curriculum in Asian bodywork therapy which can provide certification from the AOBTA.  Shiatsu originates from Japan and emphasizes a style of body work with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The literal translation of Shiatsu is “finger pressure”, however, one uses fingers, thumbs, knuckles, palms, elbows, knees and feet when giving Shiatsu. In TCM, harmony of Qi within the human body is considered essential to health and is the aim of Shiatsu.

The Asian tradition describes the world in terms of energy. Shiatsu creates harmony of our inner energies with that of the universe. To stay healthy a person must continually adapt to the changes going on within and outside the body. If these adaptations do not take place, illness or disharmony can manifest. Shiatsu helps facilitate this process of adaptation for the giver and receiver. Everyone responds to touch and has healing power within them, but to heal others you must first begin with yourself. This Shiatsu training helps you develop the tools to do this.

Studying Shiatsu will deepen your awareness of what energy does in your own body.  You will become aware of the patterns of your own life, and your self- awareness will be greatly refined.  Our intention is that you will gain more appreciation, as well as more control, of the quality of your life and activities.  Our hope is that you will use this knowledge to help yourself and other people feel better and heal themselves.  This course of study provides students with the training and credentials necessary by law to practice professionally.