Insight Meditation

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Paul Coombs - Insight MeditationFor the past 21 years, the Northampton Insight Meditation Community has greeted one another, has meditated together, and has heard the words of Dhamma from teachers in the Theravada and other Buddhist and Non-dual lineages. For most of those years, Karuna Center has been our home, thanks to the great generosity of Eileen Muir. We continue to gather each Sunday from 7 PM to 9 PM to broaden and deepen both the friendliness and compassion of our hearts and also our understanding of the nature of reality, “the way of things just as they are”. Thousands of people have participated with us over the years, creating “ripples on the pond of life” that may have reached far farther than any of us can imagine. Metta and Blessings to you.

Every Sunday 7-9PM at Karuna